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Welcome to the UX Research Group!

The UX Research Group applies user-centered design, design thinking methods, and lots of post-it notes to improve C4SF projects and the Brigade experience.

Our Mission

Our working group exists to promote learning and mutual improvement among its members, while also providing support and advisory services for project teams and the Brigade as a whole.

We believe this group is important because it helps reinforce user-centered design principles that are essential for the delivery of effective digital products and services.

What we do in the community

We are an active group, and at any time you will find us working on a project together.

  • Consultations with C4SF project leads in order to uncover user needs, refocus project efforts, and improve the user experience of apps.
  • Workshop facilitations to learn together about the underlying principles of user-centered design.
  • Targeted studies to address selected community and brigade-level issues and challenges.

How to get involved

All are welcome because UX research involves many different skills and skill levels!

Find us on the #research slack channel and we can talk about how you can get involved. We also convene at the C4SF Civic Hack Night on Wednesday evenings.